Problems with Linux 2.2.14 and RTL8139 driver

From: Arvids (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 04:25:58 EST


I have Linux 2.2.14 box with 3 Accton Cheetah 10/100 Ethernet cards (based on
MPX5038). RTL8139 driver detects them as 'SMC1211TX EZCard 10/100' (
as I see from sources, rtl8139 driver knows only MPX5030, not MPX5038
chip). When the box is starting, sometimes I get such message:
'Jan 9 19:15:01 linux kernel: eth2: Couldn't allocate a 65536 byte
receive ring.'
and the box goes up with only two interfaces. In the next restart
usually all is OK.
It seems that this problem is not a purely driver problem, because the
problem arises from failed kmalloc call.

Regards, Arvids.

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