Re: Trying to be secure behind a cable modem

From: Michael Kujawa (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 16:21:03 EST

  First, thank you for your replies.

  Several people have suggested IP Masquerading, but that requires using
private IP adresses internally, and I want to continue using DHCP-issued
real IP addresses.

   I have set up IP Masquerading before, and I am fairly familiar with
ipfwadm (I'm still using a 2.0 kernel :), but this requires putting the
linux box in the routing tables. I've also set up a dedicated linux
bridge, but it's very finicky. What I guess I want is some sort of
bridging + firewalling kernel that lets me apply firewall rules before the
packets are bridged. I don't think this was possible with 2.0.30 when I
last played with it--is it possible with the 2.2 kernels? Is there some
other product that does this?


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