Re: Log errors of network

From: Stephen Satchell (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 03:14:03 EST

At 01:58 PM 1/10/00 , you wrote:
> > I run qmail and that requres that I have a working DNS.
> > My DNS is sometimes not resolving when I try to log in via LAN.
>'Sometimes' is a difficult problem to resolve; can you identify any
>particular times when it fails consistently? Also, when you say you 'log
>in via LAN', what exactly do you mean - are we talking telnet, Netatalk,
>Samba, or just plain DNS, which doesn't really have a sense of loggin in?

When configuring sendmail I discovered that "pump" (Red Hat's own version
of dhcpcd) has a habit of rebuilding /etc/resolv.conf when a lease
changes. This means that my /etc/resolv.conf is blown away by pump and all
my resolver information for my inside network goes bye-bye.

I've asked for a switch in "pump" to permit the /etc/resolv.conf to be left
alone. The damn thing runs at root, so I'm not sure that changing the
permissions to read-only will help (but I'll try it for grins).

Looking at dhcpcd, it has the same problem...


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