ipv6 tunnel config with ip ?

From: Andreas Jellinghaus (Andreas.Jellinghaus@cip.wiwi.uni-karlsruhe.de)
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 13:03:01 EST

machine ipv4 ipv6
local 3ffe:400:20:1:210:5aff:fec5:169c/64
remote 3ffe:400:20:0:200:f8ff:fe23:8272/64

how do i set up an sit tunnel with this ?
what is the use of the "sit0" device created at boot time ?

regards, andreas

my current /etc/init.d/network script:
#! /bin/sh
set -x
# loopback
/root/ip link set lo up
/root/ip addr add dev lo

# ethernet (ipv4) /root/ip link set eth0 up /root/ip addr add dev eth0 /root/ip route add 0/0 via # ethernet (ipv6) /root/ip addr add 3ffe:400:20:1:210:5aff:fec5:169c/64 dev eth0

# ipv6/sit tunnel from me to /root/ip tunnel add sit1 mode sit remote local /root/ip link set sit1 up /root/ip route add 3ffe:400:20:0::0/64 dev sit1

# ipv6: default route /root/ip route add 3000::/8 dev sit1

# start route advertisement daemon. radvd -d 4 -m logfile &

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