Re: sendmail SPAM

From: Victor Kuzmin (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 01:10:41 EST

Kendall Lister wrote:

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Grischa Schuering wrote:

> We installed sendmail-8.9.3-42.
> The actual problem is, that not a fake domain account is used, but a
> account that exists on all unix servers:

I meant that the domain being supplied by the sender is fake in that the
connection is not actually coming from that domain. The domain itself may
very well exist, but does not map to the IP address of the initiator of
the SMTP connection to your Sendmail.

See - this can a split local and external addresses and blocks attempt to use local names by external senders (and many more). May be it is a good selection. I use it 3 months, ORBS test - OK.

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