Re: Non-blocking Accept in C

From: Larry Griffin (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 10:18:26 EST

I will try the non-blocking. I've tried the select numerous times and
the client always gets a reject. I've been emailing Rodrigo on that
subject. I am very familiar with select. I use it on all my socket
read and writes.

This particular server side only is looking for one client so I go into
a loop that checks, sleeps for a half second or so and checks again.
I'm trying to get the server to account for link outages or other
failures. It had code in there to set reuse but I commented it out
while working on this other problem.

Right now I've set up a simple client and server just to trouble shoot
the problem. Maybe I need to upgrade my release. This is RedHat
Larry G.
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