Re: eth0: transmit timed out Tx_status 00 status 2000 FIFO room 4092

From: Paul Gortmaker (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 06:32:44 EST

> I don't know if these are 3c509B cards or not. If there is a way to tell
> without having to open the systems that can be done over the network, let
> me know and I can check this (please be aware that if the check involves
> taking the card offline, that I can't do that since I am connecting to the
> machines via the network using the card).

They must be 509B cards as the original 509 had 4k (split 2k Rx, 2k Tx)
and your message shows 4k Tx space (B has 8k, split 4, 4). The only
other ident you can get without poking into the card is the hw addr.
Early cards were probably 02 60 8c xx xx xx or 00 20 af xx xx xx, and
later 509B are most likely 00 60 97 xx xx xx


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