Not that again: ping with odd packests fail :-( !!!!

From: Mircea Ciocan (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 11:55:41 EST

        It seems that this ugly bug raise its head again:

        System: PII-333, Slackware 7.0, gcc-2.95.2, kernel 2.2.14 final
compiled with gcc-2.95.2.

        Puzzeld by the strange awfull performance of samba and many lock-ups
when copying large files, I pinged the host with some 333 bytes size
packet just by chance.
        I don't answered, of course I tried the "normal" ping and worked, and
in the end it seems that old bug with odd sized packets showed again.
        Now, I understand that in new kernels the -f no-strict-alias is in
Makefile, what now must be done to not have to C compilers installed,
source of great grief and pain :(.
        Come on, if somebody knows WHERE in the kernel is that thing, I'll
volunteer to do whatever boring and unplesant changes must be done to
get rid of that crap.
        And I thing that explains a lot of messages on samba mailing list that
says that when copying large files sometimes the process ends with the
message "resource not availale" or so.


                Mircea C.
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