A strange behavior of telnet?

From: Song Jianping (songjpg@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 03:38:51 EST

On my linux box, i type "stty erase ^F" to set the
erase character. Then i try connecting to another
linux box via telnet. When i want to backward delete
the user name at "login" prompt using "^F", it doesn't
work, instead it is just displayed as "^F", while the
key BACKSPACE takes effect.

I think telnet client software should send TELNET EC
sequence when it receive the defined erase char "^F",
neverthless in this case telnet it send the actrual
control code 0x06("^F") to telnetd.

Is this a bug of telnet, or is there anything that i
miss? As i am not on this list, please CC to me.


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