Off Topic: Netscape Form Bug

From: Will Morton (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 05:35:16 EST

        Running Netscape Comm 3.7 under latest version of Gnome/Enlightenment.
When filling in forms, accessing a long drop-down list (one that
overflows onto a second 'page') prevents subsequent typing into text
boxes from appearing. I find this most often with lists of countries,
which tend to be rather long - after all, living in the UK it's only
right that I should scroll through 6+ pages of tin-pot African & S.
American countries with about 4 net users each so that I can get to 'U'.
After I select the country, I can no longer fill in other parts of the
form without quitting and restarting Netscape - it's usually halfway
through a registration or purchase process, which makes it quite
staggeringly irritating.
        I've noticed this bug in various versions of Netscape/Gnome/E for at
least a year: Does anyone know if it's a bug with Netscape or with the
Window/Session manager? Better yet, does anyone know if I can do
anything about it?



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