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>From Andreas
VALINUX sell's quad xeons out of the box with Linux

Reply from , Popuptent@mciworld is my
own E-mail account.
Our WebEngine is a 1U (1.75inch)size, VALinux takes up a bigger footprint,
and this is a major issue with ISP's who treat space as a priority.


Our WebEngine supports 2 GIG of RAM not 2 meg...

We have Dual Intel Pentium 3, 600 mhz. processors With 700 around the

Two internal Hard Drives 19 gig. each and two 36 gig. soon, that is 72 gig.
disk space

We have two Intel 10/100 imbedded nic cards built into our motherboard.

IBM Netfinity 4000R is our box, IBM OEM's it from us, but IBM can only sell
our hardware we did not give them the software that has full hardware
control of up to 256 WebEngines in which they act as one virtual server.

AdminEngine allows SNMP, HTTP browser support of all 256 WebEngines and you
only need to poll one server instead of 256, The network traffic is reduced
from 256 to 1.

AdminEngine allows you to reset, power on/off and redirect boot on any
server in your cluster. Next release in February will show fan speeds,
voltage readings, temperature readings, nic mac address, BIOS version, DIMM
info, etc...IBM does not have this feature.

We support 2 scsi/pci slots 1 full and one half.

We are a 1U (1.75 inch) server, you can get 42 WebEngines in one
rack/cabinet. We have the highest performance server on the market in a 1U

Only 1 keyboard, video and mouse (kvm) is needed for all 256 WebEngines,
just press the local select button on the front panel and you have complete
control locally, or use AdminEngine for complete remote control. This is a
great feature to save a trip to your data center, whether it's downstairs or
another state/country away.

Rick, I can meet with you or your contacts with my Sales rep. Let me know. I
am very interested in helping you and your contacts.

Call me.

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Check out Network Engines @
They are only dual CPU, but you can cluster 255 systems, each box supports 2
meg ram and they are shipped with LINUX, NT, SOLARIS

Andreas Vierengel wrote:

> Hi,
> my company wants me to buy an Intel-based Server with >= 4 CPU's.
> Primary task is MySQL on Linux-SMP.
> I heard about Servers from HP and IBM.
> Can Linux already support >= 4 CPU's stable ?
> How much memory would you prefer ?
> Our minimum is 1GB. What about the 1GB limit ?
> Has somebody experience with servers from these companies, or other ?
> --Andy
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