RH6.0 problem?

From: om prakash (om_major@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 05:11:20 EST

HI ,

i have one problem, we want to setup proxy server using RH6.0 , after
installation , its giving error as follows:


hda: Status timeout: status=0xd0 {Busy}
hda: no DRQ after issuing WRITE


this is b'cos we are using 8.4 Gb harddisk , so we reinstall on 4.3Gb
its working . Unfortunetly we have to use 8.4Gb harddisk ,so i want change
ide.c file ,i opened

i saw " WAIT_DRQ = 50 msec ------(line no: 160)

then i opened ../block/ide_disk.c

i saw " printk( KERN_ERR "%s: no DRQ after issuing %s\n",drive->name,
             drive->mult_count?"MULTWRITE";"WRITE");---(line no: 385)

so first and third line(above error) are in ide.c (printk).

so at present in RH6.0 is using WAIT_DRQ = 50sec. That means our "great
linux " ide driver is not supporting 8.4Gb harddisk.


Seagate U4 MODEL ST38421A
| 16,368 - 16 HDS -63 SECT --CH816,498,944 |

motherboard: intel
BIOS Version - 4s4eb2x0.86a.0018.p11
Processor Type - Pentium(R) III
processor speed - 450 MHZ
cahe RAM - 512 kb

if any one knows what to do please inform me.

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