Re: 2.2.14 and slow TCP/IP

From: Berend De Schouwer (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 10:16:22 EST

On 24 Jan, Alan Cox wrote:
> Do you get the same behaviour if you boot it with the "noapic" option

noapic, and nosmp both give the same (<8KB/s) result.
physically removing a processor too.
2.2.10 also gives the same result.
Different cable gives the same result.

putting a file, ie. from the slow machine to another machine, runs at
3MB/s. Its only when the bulk of the data gets copied from another
machine to the slow machine that the performance hit happens.

Packets appear slowly in tcpdump. It seems like its getting the data
in chunks, with 0.5seconds between each packet - but sending data seems

ifconfig gives no errors, but does give a few overruns.

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