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From: Lief Erickson (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 11:27:45 EST

Steffen Grunewald is trying to install Linux with an SMC NIC and says:

<<Im trying to install a SMC EZ Card 10 (SMC 1660BT [ISA] with chip MPX^2
EN5025A on it), but cannot find the right driver. (The card doesn't have
jumpers on it, but also doesn't show up in pnpdump' output.>>


I can't help you with your problem, but I am have a similar one with an SMC
10/100 (1211) card. I am trying to install Linux Mandrake on my machine.
Depending on which version of Mandrake I am trying to install I get two
different problems, however, only one is applicable for this list.

My problem is: While trying to install Linux Mandrake 6.1 I can configure
all of my options (mouse, keyboard, video) except the NIC. The installation
process isn't recognizing the NIC, and the driver for my SMC card is not
part of the installation process. In order for the installation process to
continue I must choose that I do NOT want networking installed for my
machine, which, in fact, I do, because the machine will be a file and print

My questions:

1) Is it possible to say that I don't want networking installed during the
installation process, but after installation is complete to install the
appropriate driver (already downloaded from the SMC website) for the NIC?

2) If so, how?

-Lief Erickson
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