Masquerading FlexLM license clients

From: Jason L Tibbitts III (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 19:27:56 EST

I need to masquerade a lab full of Linux machines running a piece of
software (Matlab) which uses FlexLM for its licensing behind a Linux
(RedHat 6.1) firewall.

I have basic masquerading (all outgoing ports open) basically working, but
FlexLM is odd. The license transaction requires two connections. The first
connection is inconsequential, but the second is held idle for the duration
that the license is checked out and if it expires then the client will hang
at exit time trying to release the checkout.

I suppose I could just bump the lifetime of all masqueraded connections,
but we have Matlab sessions that run for days. The folks that make FlexLM
are useless because they demand money up front before they will give you
the time of day. Mathworks support seems clueless on this issue.

Can anyone provide any advice? Thanks,

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