Multicast tunneling ( need help in mrouted.conf)

From: Ashutosh Dutta (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 00:52:06 EST

Hi Peter,
                      I saw your email in the mailing list about setting up
tunneling for mrouted.
I am also using 3-9 beta, and it worked at the first instance but one way
(assymetric) , and then it stopped I am using sd BTW to check this out..

I have two sets of unicast routers between a pair of multicast routers. The
multicast routers are dual homed Linux machines. eth0 on both the machines are
connected to the unicast routers, and eth1 are connected to the leaf clients.

I have need some help in getting this tunnel to work. I just need to know
between which interfaces the tunnel has to work?
what else I need in mrouted.conf so that it would work.

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