Re: query on having multiple backlog Q's

Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 13:25:07 EST


> Is it possible to have mutliple backlog q's with different priorities?
> i.ein function netif_rx() depending on the the device on which the packet has arrived we could place the skbuff in different backlog q. ip_rcv() could then process the backlog q's in priority.

Such experiments were carried out during 2.1. They showed that it is useless,
if not harmful. A prioritization has a meaning when you have a finite resource.

Shortly, backlog is not a queue. Backlog is serializer splitting hardware
irqs and networking process. This queue _cannot_ overflow.
When it overflows yet, machine has no time to prioritize anything,
rather it has to fight for life. 8)

Alexey Kuznetsov
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