Public Network, routing.

From: Fredrik Bergström (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 03:56:00 EST

Dear Linux-net'ers,

Im trying to set up a linux router to connect our local net onto the

All machines in our network have public IP numbers.

Here is the setup:

              | Internet | gw
                   | (eth1)
                   | (eth0)
   | | |
 Comp1 Comp2 Comp3

This is the setup I want, I got a netmask.

The problem is that when I send a ping from Comp3 the ping will get
forwarded from eth0 onto eth1 but I wont get any answer back, ipchains
will not log anything more then input, forward and output for the ping

I've added the gateway to default route, the machines is added so that
when I ping from the router to the Internet or to a machine it will

I would appreciate some help on this, or some pointers, links or
thoughts about routing this way.

Regards, Fredrik Bergstrom

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