problems with 3c509

From: Janno Visberg (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 04:10:19 EST

I have 3c509 ethernet card installed and RedHat 6.0 running on 200MHz intel
pentium machine.
problem - i can't download big files (over 200Kb). download just hangs.
ifconfig says something like

Rx 1000 packets 100 errors 0 overrides 0 dropdowns
Tx 500 packets 0 errors 0 overrides 0 dropdowns

i think that too little onboar RAM causes this...
so i changed window settings with route command (route add default gw ...
netmask ... dev ... window XXXX) and allowed unmasking interrupts (hdparm -u
1 /dev/...) and modyfied ethernet packet size (ifconfig dev ... mtu XXXX)...
still nothing :(

somebody help me!

ps how can i "set the NFS transfer size to 2kB (or even 1kB)"?

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