Re[2]: Public Network, routing.

From: Fredrik Bergström (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 05:34:06 EST

Dear Hugo,

torsdag, den 27 januari 2000, you wrote:

HB> I may be mistaken but if you're using for a netmask, then
HB> the ip-addresses of your router map into the same subnet: the one from 128
HB> (networkaddress) upto 159(broadcastaddress). This will not be your
HB> intension.

Well, but I cannot reach other outside IP addresses through the firewall,
and from the firewall everything works fine.

HB> If you use routed as your sole means of routing, you'd better use the "-s"
HB> (from supply routes) option

Sorry, You lost me here, supply routes ? =)

Regards, Fredrik Bergstrom

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