Re: Public Network, routing.

From: Chris Knipe (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 07:23:53 EST

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Fredrik Bergström wrote:

>Dear Linux-net'ers,
>Im trying to set up a linux router to connect our local net onto the
>All machines in our network have public IP numbers.
>This is the setup I want, I got a netmask.
>The problem is that when I send a ping from Comp3 the ping will get
>forwarded from eth0 onto eth1 but I wont get any answer back, ipchains
>will not log anything more then input, forward and output for the ping

If the router is an actual router (Like cisco / livingstone / etc), or
perhaps even linux routers, I believe for effecient routing you have to
route accross subnets ??

What you can do, perhaps is to assign eth0 and eth1 on the router different
IP addresses from your currently used IP block, and staticly route networks
over that.

Otherwise, you can devide your .224 subnet up and use an dedicated network
for your client computers, which route to the router, and your router and
the rest on an subnet which goes to the internet.

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