Network programming problem

From: Kubinszky Ferenc (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 11:28:44 EST


I have a serious prograaming problem, and I have no idea...

We have a routing daemon. It works. When there isn't any route to the host
in the kernel's table, the daemon will find.
My problem is that this machine has to be connected to a network simulator
(ns2 CMU Extension). In the simulator there are some virtual nodes with
the same routing algorithm. The machine and its routing daemon want to
talk to these nodes...

                 Routing Daemon
simulator --?-- Kernel <---> User App. (ping
I think here I should put something to capture the outgoing packets
(before they leave), and 'wrap' them.
(encapsulation?/tunelling? I don't know anything about these techniques)

Any idea ?


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