Firewall & Router

From: Steven Quan (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 11:59:38 EST

Hi all,

I'm new in this mailing list, so just say hello to all of you.
I also have a question: I got a ADSL connection to Internet, and plan to
setup Linux based webserver. I have 7 static IP addresses.

My final goal is to be able to (quite easily) setup 2-3 websites (hosts
multiple, on the same webserver machine.

What is the best method of configuring my internal network:

1. Setup Firewall/ Router on one linux box. Do I have to use IP aliasing
and/or WWW virtual host (which type?) ?

        ADSL ---> Linux box ----> internal network <---- webserver, local
PC's, ...

2. Setup webserver outside the firewall.

        ADSL ---> hub <----- webserver

                           <------Linux router ----> local PC's

thanks so very much.


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