Big trouble with ESIP Protocol...Please HELP

From: Victor Kureletz (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 17:02:42 EST

Hello, I hope that somebody can help me with this

Problem: I'm working with a quite unknown protocol
(Extended Standard Input Protocol) which is a
proprietary protocol of BRIDGE International's
Telerate (famous worldwide news broadcaster).

This protocol carries a news stream (that is more or
less readable...contains the body and the header of
the news in plain text ).

Unfortunately I don't know how to handle it in a
proper manner (a network programm) so I need to
capture the stream from the serial line and dump it to
a file which later parse using SED, GAWK and CUT to
get rid of control characters and finnaly use the
plain-readable text in html.

1) Can someone tell me how to listen for this ESIP on
a com port under linux? I know about 'cat /dev/ttyS0 >
text.txt... but it won't work. I think I need somekind
of a netlink device to listen to that com port...
don't I?

2) Is that a good ideea to use SED, CUT and GAWK to
parse and get clear-plain text from the ESIP stream.
Is there a more elegant way to do this...a piece of

Any idea would be of great help. Thank you very much.

Tech Specs of ESIP
Data Transmission Mode: Async
Data Transmission Rate: 1200,2400 & 4800 baud
Configuration: dedicated point-to-point line.
Intreface: RS-232C
Line-TYPE: Full-duplex (four-wire) comm operating in
half-duplex mode.
Code: US ASCII subset, 1 start bit, 7 data bits, 1
parity bit, 1 stop bit.
Parity: Odd

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