UPDATE! RE: Thinkpad 760XL and Mandrake 6.1

From: John LeMay (jlemay@njmc.com)
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 22:27:58 EST

Looks like my problems have disappeared since removing the IBM pcmcia
Token Ring Adapter in the laptop. No more OOPS or other oddities.

However, I am still having a bit of a problem getting my Intel
EtherExpress PRO/100 LAN+MODEM 16-bit card to function on a 10BaseT HDX
LAN. The card shows itself as linked, however the hub disagrees and no
packets pass to the network. I think the hub is correct! The modem
portion of the card works like a champ, and I have verified that cardmgr
is loading the correct driver for this supported card.

Any ideas? (PS, I'm also posting this to linux-net over on vger.)

John LeMay wrote:
> Hello! I am attempting to install Mandrake 6.1 on my Thinkpad 760XL
> (P166, 80Mbytes RAM), however I seem to have a couple of problems,
> specifically with X causing or experiencing "Oops 0000" errors. If
> anyone is interested, I'll post a dump of the message log file here.
> Also, attempting to reboot or halt causes the system to lockup after it
> stops the "portmap" service.
> If anyone can provide some help I'd greatly appreciate it! Wanted to
> make this my "sniffer" using Ethereal as well as do some dialup with it.
> John LeMay Jr.
> Senior Enterprise Engineer
> http://www.njmc.com

Senior Enterprise Engineer

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