port killing

From: AJ Morand (aj@bloodmoney.com)
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 03:47:46 EST

quick question

is there a way to clear a port (tcp / udp)
is there a command that you can just call to clear whatever is hung there

normally you just restart whatever daemon has something hung and then the connection dies, and those port(s) are open again when
you do a netstat nothing is there

but what if when you do a netstat there are open connections that can not close, and even if the daemon is dead the connection is
still open when you do a netstat cause you were playing with code you were not suppossed to and you really can not reboot the

I hope that is clear enough, I just want to clear / clean a port does anyone know of a way to do it on a linux box that is not tied
to a specific daemon??

thanx in advance,


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