Re: Big trouble with ESIP Protocol...Please HELP

From: Servomaa Henri (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 03:33:02 EST

Victor Kureletz <> wrote:

>1) Can someone tell me how to listen for this ESIP on
>a com port under linux? I know about 'cat /dev/ttyS0 >
>text.txt... but it won't work. I think I need somekind
>of a netlink device to listen to that com port...
>don't I?

This doesn't seem to have anything to do with networking. AFAICT you
need plain vanilla serial communication (RS232).
Have a look at the Serial-programming-HOWTO if you want to do it in C.

Alan Cox wrote:
>>So you want to use stty to set those, to turn icanon off and go into char
>>at a time mode. Or in C to use tcsetattr

Yes, if the stuff comes in a constant stream you need icanon off. If, however
stuff comes in in lines i.e. terminated by CR/LF it's better to
turn icanon on.

>2) Is that a good ideea to use SED, CUT and GAWK to
>parse and get clear-plain text from the ESIP stream.

It's very simple to do this with a shell script that sets the terminal mode
and then use cat, sed, cut, etc.
Once you have it working that way you can think of other solutions, Perl, C
etc. At least I'd do it that way...



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