Problem with IPX module support in 2.2.14

From: David Ronis (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 11:02:26 EST


I recently upgraded from .13 to .14 and noticed that IPX was no longer
automatically loading itself. I do this with a script appended below
(this script hasn't changed in years). When I run the script I get:

/usr/bin/ipx_configure: socket: Invalid argument
ncpmount: Could not alloc IPX socket. Probably no IPX support in kernel when trying to find OMC
There is nothing in any of the system logs.

If I manually install the IPX module things work as they used to. I
don't use this very often, but I'm certain that it used to work in the
2.2.x series.

The relevant part of /usr/src/linux/.config reads:

# CONFIG_IPX_INTERN is not set

Thanks for looking into this



# This will automatically mount the omc directories

if [ -e /usr/bin/ipx_configure ]; then
        /usr/bin/ipx_configure --auto_interface=on --auto_primary=on
        if [ -e /usr/bin/ipx_interface ]; then
# /usr/bin/ipx_interface add eth0 802.3
                /usr/bin/ipx_interface add eth0 etherII
                echo /usr/bin/ipx_interface not found. Check that ncpfs is inst
                exit 1

if [ -e /usr/bin/ncpmount ]; then
        sleep 10
        /usr/bin/ncpmount /mnt
        echo /usr/bin/ncpmount not found. Very strange!
        exit 1
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