Re: Problem with IPX module support in 2.2.14

From: Petr Vandrovec (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 16:07:21 EST

On 28 Jan 00 at 11:02, David Ronis wrote:
> I recently upgraded from .13 to .14 and noticed that IPX was no longer
> automatically loading itself. I do this with a script appended below
> (this script hasn't changed in years). When I run the script I get:
> /usr/bin/ipx_configure: socket: Invalid argument
It is good idea to replace line
  alias net-pf-4 off
  alias net-pf-4 ipx
in your /etc/conf.modules and/or /etc/modules.conf. As alternative
you can add 'insmod ipx' into your startup script...
> ncpmount: Could not alloc IPX socket. Probably no IPX support in kernel when trying to find OMC
> There is nothing in any of the system logs.
                            Best regards,
                                Petr Vandrovec
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