Broken DNS

From: Monkey (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 17:28:47 EST

Hi People

I had setup a cache DNS on my server (phoenix) for net connection
through serial modem - was working ok from client(shihad) with
ip-masquerade, but now when i try to connect to ANY site it times-out -
no reboot, no change of config files. All config files are basically
setup a la DNS HOWTO. I also tried to fetchmail from phoenix and I get
< tail /var/log/messages>
Jan 28 22:17:49 phoenix sendmail[184]: WAA00184: ruleset=check_mail,
arg1=<monkey>, relay=monkey@localhost [], reject=553
<monkey>... Domain name required
< /tail /var/log/messages>

It was all working fine like 5 hours ago - could anyone help please



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