Re: Samba and IP aliasing?

From: Bernd Eckenfels (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 17:08:27 EST

In article <0FF17853157CD31197E100902784B34B05F32F@FILESERVER1> you wrote:
> I have the following dilemma. I got a big Linux box that has one gigabit
> NIC. Right now it has a world visible IP but I'd also like people from my
> masqueraded (192.168.x.x) LAN to have access to files on the box via Samba.
> Since it's a totally different network Samba doesn't do so well with the
> current settings. Would it be a good idea to alias a another IP, say
> to that NIC so that machines on the LAN would see Samba? Or
> should I stick in another NIC just for those purposes?

Hmm.. i am not sure if samba has changed yet, but it is a problem that it is
only registering one ip address with wins or broadcasts. Perhabps you might
be able to run 2 nmbd's... if you only need to allow smb from internal
hosts, then it should be enough to set your internal ip address as the first
in /etc/hosts, where samba gets is address from.

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