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Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 01:11:27 EST

Henrik Olsen wrote:

Here is a small smb.conf file that is quite nice for a simple share of
the login users home directory (if its a valid user on your RedHat box)
and for a share called "music". You do need to make sure you have a
valid user although I suppose your user name would be all you need if
you have a blank password, but that is a BAD idea for security reasons!
I'll put some comments in so that it will aid you in understanding what
is with this config file.

[global] # these are just global parameters in your config file
netbios name = SambaServer # This is the name that will appear to your
win9x box
workgroup = myworkgroup # Simply the same workgroup as are your other
win 9x boxes
security = user # This will control the share security at a user
level, thus # username and password affect shares instead of group
or Ip

[music] # My share music any user can get to it with correct user/pwd
comment = music share from samba # This is the info you see that
describes the share in # win9x
path = /home/samba/music # This is the absolute path to the directory
that I will # share from
writeable = yes # you get this :O)
valid users = @groupname # You want to enter the group name where I have
groupname of # the group that has users that can access the share
create mode = # Choose createmode you want simply prefferance on your
directory mode = # Same as above just for your directories

[homes] # Share of the user who connects home directory
comment = your home dir
path = %H # In samba %H means the absolute path of the users home
# directory
valid users = %S # Its the same idea as above just for users

# You can add anything I used in the music share in the homes share if
you want I just wanted to keep it simple and short.

Now some things to watch out for are win98 or NT since both use by
default encrypted passwords, this script I gave you will only really
work with win95 and that is if it is before a certain patch. I would
refer to the Howto on Samba if this script is not what you need. Hope
this gives you a good idea as to what needs to go into the file good
Dave Scheltema

> On Sat, 29 Jan 100 wrote:
> > I have been trying to configure samba but with little success, so could
> > somebody, for starters, send me a sample smb.conf for sharing my linux drive
> > with Win9x machines on the network without any authentication. If you can,
> > please comment advanced options with brief explanations.
> >
> > My config. RH 5.2 with kernel 2.2.12.
> >
> > Many thanks!!
> >
> > Siddhartha
> What I found to be the largest stumbling block was that I needed
> case sensitive = no
> preserve case = yes
> to get it to work.
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