RE: 3COM 3C509 combo ...

From: Serge Maandag (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 11:12:29 EST

If the 3c509 is an ISA-card, make sure to disable the cards plug 'n' play
mode, download disk 2 of the etherdisk set from 3com to do it. If that still
doesn't work, do an 'insmod 3c509.o', your kernel might not be compiled
without 3c509 support, although I doubt that. Set 'plug 'n' play O.S.' to
'no' in your bios.
Serge Maandag.

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From: George Pu []
Sent: dinsdag 25 januari 2000 21:06
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Subject: 3COM 3C509 combo ...

I have successfully installed Red Hat Linux v6.1, but the problem I am
having is my NIC can never be detected. When the machine boots up, it brings
up eth0 but I have never seen any kernel info regarding my 3c509 card,
hense, I can never have any network connection.
Any help or suggestion would be appreciated!

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