long FTP connect on hosts not in DNS

From: Tuan Hoang (tuan@optimus.mitre.org)
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 02:26:47 EST


I've been using Red Hat 6.1 for a while and
haven't noticed the following peculiarity until now.

Let's say I have 3 hosts: A, B, C
B is on subnet and
A is only on subnet
C is only on subnet
A and B are in the DNS (using net
C is defined in B's host table as (IP C's FQ Hostname)
  A B C
  |_____| |____|

If I ftp from A to B, everything is fine. But when
I ftp from C to B, the server doesn't let me login for
about 25 seconds or so. The strange thing is that telnet
is without this latency.

My /etc/resolve.conf on host B has:
search mitre.org
<1st DNS IP>
<2nd DNS IP>
<3rd DNS IP>

I'm also running the latest Red Hat wu-ftpd.

Thanks in advance,

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