teql doesn't work

From: Rui Prior (rprior@inescn.pt)
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 11:49:45 EST

Has anyone ACTUALLY got teql to work with a couple of eth cards,
distributing outgoing traffic, and actually yielding more bandwidth than a
single card?
No matter what I do, even if the stats counter on the switch says packets
are flowing through all four eths, the aggregate traffic is exactly the same
as with a single card.
The easiest test I did was: setting all cards to 10Mbps on the switch, and
ftp from another PC connected at 100Mbps. I get 1.1KB/sec, which is more or
less what a single eth at 10Mbps is supposed to do...
I also ran other tests, all of them led me to the same conclusion, except
for a couple of them that crashed the server...
I'm using 2.3.40. Are there any known issues with this kernel?

Rui Prior

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