OT: ftp handshaking explanation

From: Mark A. Swope (mswope@ieee.org)
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 18:29:14 EST

Sorry that this isn't *strictly* related to Linux.

I'm helping someone to configure a router and we've stumped ourselves.
We *thought* we understood how FTP establishes a command connection,
then a data connection. However, after several hours of hashing this out,
we've confused ourselves.

Can someone either give me a brief explanation of the setup and tear-down
of an ftp session, including the port-to-port handshaking.

Or, if someone knows of a really good explanation, short of reading source
code or the entire RFC959, I'd appreciate a pointer to it...

Thanks and sorry for the waste of bandwidth.

Kindest regards,
Mark Swope

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