Telnet Problem....

From: C.M. Wong (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 20:51:30 EST

I encountered a weird problem with one of my redhat 6 machine. With this
box, I haven't touched for 1-2 months, so yesterday I decided to boot it up
do to some testing. The problem is I can't telnet in remotely... this error
msg shows up, "Password required, but none set". Then followed by
"connection closed by foreign hosts". And the weird thing is, I then telnet
into some other box and from there I telnet back into this RH box, and I got
in!!. This morning, I can't even telnet in remotely from anywhere... locally
no problem. All the host.deny and host.allow are blank. I even disabled SSH
and doing a netstat shows port 23 is activated. I honestly do not remember
me mucking around with it the last time I played with it... but it's
possible. Whatever the case, any of you gurus out there have any ideas??



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