Problem getting out from behind NT gateway/firewall

From: Eric Anderson (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 10:19:58 EST


I just set up my work computer to dual-boot Linux and Win98. This was a
step in the right direction, because before it was Win98 only. However,
I'm having trouble getting out under Linux.

Here's the situation: On an office LAN, with each machine having a
10.0.0.x static IP, behind an NT box that is serving as virtually
everything for the office (gateway, router, file server, etc.). The NT box
has two NICs, one connected to a hub which is in turn connected to a DSL
router and from there to the Internet. The other is connected to a hub
feeding the office LAN.

LAN --> NT Box --> hub --> DSL --> Net

>From Win98, everything works just peachy. I've got full Internet

In configuring Linux, I used the same static IP that I use on the Win98
side (, and set the default gateway as, the address
of the NT box's second NIC. When in Linux on my workstation, I can ping fine. I can also ping other computers/printers on the LAN with
10.0.0.x addresses. I can also ping the other IP address attached to the
NT box (the other NIC, IP:

However, that's the extent of it. I can't get past the NT box to the DSL
router, nor to a Linux box I have set up inside the DSL router, but
outside of the office LAN. I've set up routes to as a host, and
to as a network, but still no joy getting past the NT box.

Can anyone help me out with what needs to be done on either the Linux
workstation or on the NT gateway to get my Linux workstation connected to
the rest of the world?

Thanks in advance,


Eric Anderson <>

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