Using recent Linux systems as multicast-capable routers

From: Lars Knudsen (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 06:16:37 EST

Hi Folks,

I have been trying to figure out how to use 2.2.xx and 2.3.xx Linux
as multicast capable routers but so far have not succeeded. The
documentation and the available utilities all seem to be completely
 i.e Linux-multicast-howto seem to be updated sometime in 1996 and
refers to
mrouted as the routing daemon of choice. The precompiled versions of
are for a.out format and the source versions do not compile under recent

I have a feeling I am looking in the wrong place, but the documentation
for recent kernels still mention mrouted...

Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing and care to share a
bit of info ?

Thanks in advance!

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