Re: Performance Tests Cisco 2514 and Pentium 166/400

From: Christopher E. Brown (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 22:42:46 EST

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Nick Bastin wrote:

> Naw, not really. I've never personally touched a 7206 (many a 7513,
> though), although I do believe that it can do when the spec sheet says its'
> capable of. My only bias towards actual routers as opposed to PC's in
> general is that I've only had Cisco hardware crash on me once, and never
> die (of hardware failure), whereas I can't say that about my PC firewalls
> and routers. Not that I've ever had a linux firewall crash the OS on me,
> but I do frequently have the hardware just up and die. Lets just say that
> I get more of that 'warm fuzzy feeling' from my routers than my linux
> boxes....something about no moving parts. (Except fans of course, but at
> least the fan in your cisco isn't close enough to it's own cable to the
> point where you bump the case and it will eat its' cable and disconnect
> itself and then proceed to overheat the CPU and kill the machine...Murphy
> lives with me, I swear.. :-))

        How much do you spend on your PC hardware? I spend 3 - 5 K
min for a nice router platform, rack chassis, redundant cooling,
proper power supply, top quality MB and ECC memory...

        Should one use generic PC trash it *will* show.

As folks might have suspected, not much survives except roaches, 
and they don't carry large enough packets fast enough...
        --About the Internet and nuclear war.

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