3com 339 token ring vs 2.3.49

From: Attila SITKEI (ahmaad@pfd.nn.hu)
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 13:24:10 EST

hi folks,

this is the first mail I send to the mailing list.
I ran into a problem: I've the kernel version above and would use with
3com 339 token-ring nic. the driver is compiled as module.


Mar 3 08:27:36 tfe kernel: tmspci.c: v1.01 22/01/2000 by Adam Fritzler
Mar 3 08:27:36 tfe kernel: tr0: 3Com Token Link Velocity
Mar 3 08:27:36 tfe kernel: tr0: IO: 0xdc00 IRQ: 10
Mar 3 08:27:36 tfe kernel: tr0: Ring Station
Address: 00:a0:24:fd:3c:9c
Mar 3 08:28:02 tfe kernel: tr0: Adapter RAM size: 512K
Mar 3 08:28:35 tfe kernel: Warning: kfree_skb on hard IRQ cc830f6b
I got this line (30 pcs/sec, with the same address) after doing
tfe:# ifconfig tr0
[10-15 sec wait]
tfe:# ifconfig tr0
Link endcap: UNSPEC

the nic can be pinged itself, but don't answer the tcp-tries.
any idea?


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