pump problems.

From: Darin Willits (dwillits@westsun.com)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 05:59:45 EST

Hi all,

    I am having rather stange problems with my dhcp client. When I do a
network -restart everything appears to be brought up with no problems but no
ip address is assigned to the card at eth0. Further investigation seems to
reveal that the command pump -i eth0 seems to exit ok saying that it has
finished determining the ip address but again nothing is assigned to the
card. I realise that this is probably a pretty newbie question but if
anyone could offer any suggestions I would really appreciate it. If it
helps the machine is redhat 6.0 connected to a cable modem and being used to
do ip-masquerading for several winblows machines.

Thanks in advance,


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