Re: Module ipx.o does not load with Linux 2.2.14 : PATCH

From: Chris Rankin (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 18:28:55 EST

> Umm
> Module Size Used by
> ipx 12668 0 (unused)
> ?

OK ... One of THOSE problems ... :-}

I can only explain what I saw on MY system (Linux 2.2.14,
modutils-2.3.9, glibc-2.1.2, binutils, gcc 2.95.2):

I created the ipx.o module, and nm ipx.o showed that:

         U destroy_8023_client
         U destroy_EII_client
         U make_8023_client
         U make_EII_client

Also, cat /proc/ksyms showed something like

c014fdc4 destroy_8023_client_R__ver_destroy_8023_client
c014f340 destroy_EII_client_R__ver_destroy_EII_client
c014fd90 make_8023_client_R__ver_make_8023_client
c014f30c make_EII_client_R__ver_make_EII_client

As a result, I had 4 unresolved symbols when I tried to load
ipx.o. Applying the patch I gave you now gives me the following:

$ nm /lib/modules/2.2.14/misc/ipx.o:
         U destroy_8023_client_R1475cd24
         U destroy_EII_client_Raeeb2c89
         U make_8023_client_R01739260
         U make_EII_client_R950c0eec

$ cat /proc/ksyms:
c014fdc4 destroy_8023_client_R1475cd24
c014f340 destroy_EII_client_Raeeb2c89
c014fd90 make_8023_client_R01739260
c014f30c make_EII_client_R950c0eec

I'd love to be able to explain this, but the module-versioning system
is still rather opaque to me.

Any idea what's happening?

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