syn cookies

From: Aaditya Rai (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 05:04:24 EST

Best regards eveyone. I have a rather naive problem :

Ok, so to try syn-cookies, I flooded my hp linux box (2.2.12) with fake
syn packets. And sure enuf even after the queue length
tcp_max_syn_backlog was exceeded, a legitimate connection was allowed.
But every time it went something like this:

SERVER : Already SYN flooded, SYN Cookies on.

Legit Client -----------> Server

Legit Client <----------- Server // Inspite of flood!!

Legit Client ------------> Server
//connection est.

Legit Client <----------- Server // :-( What

I wold be grateful to someone who can solve the mystry of this last
reset packet for me.


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