number of packets per second through a firewall

From: Roisman, Dani (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 17:33:10 EST


We are planning a network that uses about 75Mbit/s inbound and about
20Mbit/s outbound, at around 80Kpps inbound and 35Kpps outbound. So I need
to build a box with to fastE's that will do at least 100,000 packets per
second. I'm even willing to use GigE interfaces, if that would make my life
easier. FYI average packet size is 100Bytes, and is mostly UDP.

I was wondering what pps count you folks have been seeing using linux
routers/firewalls (ipchains). I want your feedback if I'm living in
fantasy-land here, or if it's actually possible to get 100Kpps through a
PIII-450 running 2.2.14 with a 40-line ipchains ruleset.

I read the ever-so-long thread that was sparked by the benchmarks of the
cisco router versus the linux routers, but that's not what I want to get
into here. I'm more interested in any real-world experience with this kind
of packet count.

Dani Roisman

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