2 ethernet cards and round robin scheduled sends.

From: Christian Nygaard (chris@math.uu.se)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 18:54:32 EST

|-------| eth0 |-----|
| S |---------| | C |
| e | | eth0| l |
| r | |-----------------| i |
| v | eth1 | | e |
| e |---------| | n |
| r | | t |
|-------| |-----|

What possibilities of loadbalancing are there in this scenario? I have
many Linux clients and want them to use different NICs on the server for
performance reasons. This doesn't work now because the server sends back
packets only on eth0, it receives packets on both.

   Server Client eth0 eth0 eth1

Does anyone have a clue what to do? I could set up an ip alias for the
client computers to use and put the eth1 server NIC on a different subnet.
But it would be better to have the server perform round robin scheduleding
on the send someway. I use a DNS alias for the incoming round robin

Help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Christian Nygaard, Sysadmin E-mail: chris@math.uu.se
Department of Mathematics Uppsala University.

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