net_rx_action, ptype_all and dropped packets

From: Noah Romer (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 11:41:49 EST

Here's the setup, I'm writing a LAN driver for a Fibre Channel host adapter
and am running into a slight problem w/ received packets. I can transmit
just fine, at least ARP's, I can't get past that due to the fact that all
incoming packets get dropped by net_rx_action (in net/core/dev.c). As far
as I can tell, the necessary ptype_all values aren't getting set, so
net_rx_action just drops them (I have confirmed that it's making the
kfree_skb call found at line 1194 of dev.c).

My question is: where, when and how should the setup for FC devices be done
in the ptype_all array? I've got fibre channel support turned on, and all
outgoing packets appear to meet the spec in RFC 2625. I've tried turning on
the experimental LLC support (which is only listed for X.25) since it's the
only way to compile net/802/p8022.c, and that looked related (what w/ the
FC stuff I've found claiming ptype of ETH_P_8022), but that didn't do any

Noah Romer
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