flowcontrol on IP stack: NIC<->IP<->own_stack<->kernel

From: Janne Pänkälä (epankala@cc.hut.fi)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 15:05:00 EST

I have problem with module that clones skb pckages and stores them.

When sending UDP streams to machine it would run out of memory because
package storage doesn't have time to handle packages in it when NIC
is pushing packets in to IP stack and from there to module like no

Is there a way to access IP's flow control <netdev_max_backlog> and that
way let module have time to empty itself.

----< net/core/dev.c >----
        if (backlog.qlen <= netdev_max_backlog) {
                if (backlog.qlen) {
                        if (netdev_dropping == 0) {

I see that there is <netdev_dropping> but unfortunately it does not help
much since it first checks <backlog.qlen> which is zero since we nuke all
packages after we have cloned & stored them.

So what I do now is to drop all packages I get when I have stored something like 30 packages. This sucks big time and kills performance totally.

I'd need a way to tell lower level (or fool it) that there is stuff to be processed in IP please do not gimme more stuff.

As <netdev_dropping> is unusable for this is there lock or similiar that can be "legally" used to disable input to IP stack. (skb_queue_lock?) or will there be need for ugly hack that can have no excuses ;> .

-- Janne Pänkälä

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