Re: flowcontrol on IP stack: NIC<->IP<->own_stack<->kernel

Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 13:34:25 EST


> > I see that there is <netdev_dropping> but unfortunately it does not help
> > much since it first checks <backlog.qlen> which is zero since we nuke all
> > packages after we have cloned & stored them.

Which means that you have no problems on input
and there are no reasons to throttle there.

> > So what I do now is to drop all packages I get when I have stored
> > something like 30 packages. This sucks big time and kills performance
> > totally.

Do you not see some logical contradiction? Zero backlog means that
you have lots of spare cpu.

> In the meantime you could add some flag that is checked in netif_rx

Seems, his problem is not related to netif_rx() yet.

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