IEEE802.11 acces point ?

From: Georg P. Israel (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 10:37:50 EST

is it possible to build a fully IEEE 802.11DS/FH compliant access point under Linux ????
 I have set up a RLAN using Breezecom FH technology using mainly
 AP10D-Pro.11 access points.
 Now I'm considering to add some DS technology to it.
 I had some look at the wireless extensions for Linux and it seem one can build something like an
 access point under Linux,
 but I'm not sure if it is a fully IEEE 802.11 compliant access point or just some sort of pseudo
 access point that set's up so called "ad-hoc" connections.
 I'm a bit lost here, would be really great if somebody could inform me on this topic.
 It would be really exiting if one could set up a compliant access point under Linux!
 That would open up new opportunities.
 I would like to use wavelan (orinoco) cards for the DS service
 and webgear cards for the FH stuff.
 Looking very much forward receiving some advice


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